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One Woman Shows
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Scenes from the novels of iconic English authoress, Jane Austen. Classic, romantic and charmingly funny.

“Sparkling artistry...

she makes Austen’s

characters leap off

the page.”

Short stories and poetry from the pen of American socialite and satirist, Dorothy Parker. A period piece brimming with acidic humour and pathos.

“A thoroughly

enjoyable diet of

bright, metallic

Parker wit.”

A voyage aboard Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s historic SS Great Britain. From budding romance to men overboard, immerse yourself in the diaries of these Victorian adventurers.

“An affectionate

evening of entertainment...

inspirational show...

a tour de force”

The extraordinary life of Amelia B. Edwards Novelist, Travel writer and Egyptologist. A woman ahead of her time who’s remarkable legacy still lives on today.

Show of Strength Theatre Co. introduces Sarah Guppy and aims to do justice to an exceptional woman’s life and achievements. A Victorian female engineer and inventor who was far ahead of her time.

“An enthralling

entertainment with

breathtaking skill”

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