Short stories and poetry by Dorothy Parker

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‘Couples?’ is Kim Hicks’s second longest running One Woman show – launched in 1982.

Dorothy Parker was known in her own lifetime as ‘the wittiest woman in America’ and is perhaps best known for her razor edged one-liners. Her literary criticism – “This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly, it should be hurled with great force” - is just one example among hundreds. No book of quotations is complete without Parkers brilliance on display.

Couples? however, focuses on Parker’s less well known but beautifully crafted short stories and poetry. These explore every irony of the human condition, especially in the area of relationships, and they reveal her deep mistrust of romantic illusion. With pathos and biting sarcasm jockeying for supremacy, each deliciously constructed verse or paragraph will have you laughing and wincing in equal measure.

Performance Information


As well as appearing on mainstream Theatre programmes Couples? has been performed in schools, at literary festivals, in Village halls, at charity fundraising events, on cruises and at many private functions. Requiring only a small table, one upright chair and one more comfy chair, the simplicity of its presentation makes it a very flexible piece, fitting comfortably in almost any space from a small living room or private garden to a function room, church hall, arts centre or full size theatre. Kim can bring basic theatre lighting with her if required.

Length of performance:

    Couples? can be tailored to many different lengths.


            The full show lasts an hour and twenty minutes and needs an interval (also some form of audio system is required to play a recorded section of the performance).


    There is a one hour version and a 40 minute version, both of which can be performed straight through without an interval and neither of which require a sound system.


    The ‘table-magic’ format would also be workable, with audience members able to select from a menu of pieces and have a private ‘recitation’ at their table. 

For further information and to discuss fees,

please contact Kim by email: kim@kimhicks.co.uk

“Kim Hicks’s subtle, understated readings add a new dimension to Parker’s precise and probing verse and prose. With a script that sparkles . . . she grips our attention. It is a thoroughly enjoyable diet of bright, metallic Parker wit.” Mary Gladstone

“Kim Hicks’s selection from the Dorothy Parker repertoire is done with style”   David Foot

“With the aid of a typewriter, a cigarette holder and unnerving charm Miss Hicks took us through some of Dotty P’s finest verse and prose.”               

Christopher Ashe

“…a rare experience . . . Miss Parker’s words brought vividly to life”   Gordon Riley

. . . a feat of delivery . . . all through she brings a lightness to what is so often the intensity of American humour”