‘All Aboard’

A Triton Amongst The Minnows

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Kim Hicks’s third longest running One Woman show – launched in 1999

This show recreates an entire voyage on Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Historic Steam Ship as she transports her Victorian passengers across the vast expanses of ocean separating England and Australia. Every word comes direct from the pens of those adventurous voyagers - the stories need no fictional doctoring to provide spectacle, drama and plenty of humour, both intentional and unintentional.

Thanks to their descendants, who kept the precious diaries and letters they wrote, Kim can introduce you to 10 wonderful characters, each with their own vivid impressions of life at sea. The 6 men and 4 women include: lively young honeymooner, Mary Crompton; the sickly Reverend James Maughan; bold northcountryman, Edward Towle and the sweetly dauntless Irish Nun, Mother Mary Paul Mulquin. Between them, they really do acquaint you with All Aboard the SSGB!

Performance Information


As well as appearing on mainstream Theatre programmes, All Aboard has been performed in schools, Village halls, at charity fundraising events, on cruises and at many private functions. Kim regularly presents a shortened version on board the SSGB, as an after-dinner entertainment. A travelling trunk, small table, folding chair, section of ships rail and a back-cloth can create a simple set when desired. Although needing a slightly larger performance space than Courtship or Couples? All Aboard will nevertheless fit comfortably into a range of spaces from a large living room or garden to a function room, church hall, arts centre or full size theatre. Kim can bring basic theatre lighting with her if required.

Length of performance:

    All Aboard can be tailored to many different lengths.


            The full show lasts an hour and thirty five minutes and needs an interval (also some form of audio equipment is required for sound effects)


    There is a one hour version and a 40 minute version, both of which can be performed straight through without an interval and neither of which require a sound system.


    A shorter after-dinner style entertainment can be created to suit your requirements

For further information and to discuss fees,

please contact Kim by email: kim@kimhicks.co.uk

              Venue Magazine award for “THE VERY BEST OF BRISTOL AND BATH 2000  - THEATRE”                     Best Performances  - Kim Hicks for “All Aboard” her new one woman show . . .

“Genuinely engaging solo shows are few and far between, but this performance from Bristol actress Kim Hicks is definitely one of the best . . . it’s a beautifully structured piece . . .Kim does a terrific job of turning an archive into an entertaining and illuminating piece of theatre.”  Tom Phillips

“Kim’s one woman show is an affectionate evening of entertainment . . . she introduces each of the characters meticulously to the audience . . . the clarity of each character remains fresh and definable to the end . . . a tour de force . . . an inspirational show.”  Richard Jones

“Hicks has compiled a fascinating social commentary on the voyages of the SS Great Britain. . . This is an unassuming but charming show.” Paul Downey

“With skillful changes of voice and posture Hicks brings alive 4 women and 6 men . . . You can have nothing but admiration for the way in which she continually changes character in an instant . . . takes you right into the heart of the voyages . . . a fascinating idea.” Gerry Parker