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TRAINING: 3 yrs. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, 1977 - 1980


EQUITY No.:  96299                          HEIGHT :  5ft.7ins                                  

HAIR :  Dark Brown

EYES :  Hazel    

D.O.B.:  07.05.59


Helen                                       “ACKROYD’S CHRISTMAS STOCKING”                    Stepping Out Theatre                 DIR: Chris Loveless

Dawn                                       “DUST TO DUST”                                                                Theatre West                              DIR: Chris Loveless

Christmas Tree                       “RECYCLED STOCKINGS 2”                                           Show of Strength                        DIR: Ed Viney

Poncia                                      “THE HOUSE OF BERNADA ALBA”                               Red Dog                                    DIR: Sue Colverd

Various roles                            “CELEBRATION”                                                                Show of Strength                        DIR: Sally Cookson

                                                                                                                                                     and Travelling Light

Various roles                            “TRADING LOCAL” (x1 2009, x2 2010)                            Show of Strength                         DIR: Ed Viney, Sally Cookson

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       & Linda Rooke

Various roles                            “ WHY DON’T WE DO IT IN THE ROAD”                   Show of Strength                         DIR: Sue Colverd

Various roles                            “TRADE IT”                                                                           Show of Strength                         DIR: Robin Bellfield

Sarah Guppy                            “AN AUDIENCE WITH SARAH GUPPY”                    Show of Strength                          DIR:  Alan Doss

Dr Ruth Kovacs                       “EFFIE'S BURNING"                                                        New Vic Bristol                             DIR:   Marion Reed 

The Midwife                              “THE CHOICE"                                                                  Theatr Clwyd                                DIR:  Annie Castledine 

Moxi & Dorelia                          “SELF PORTRAIT"                                                           The Orange Tree                           DIR:  Annie Castledine

Hazel                                     “UP'N UNDER"                                                                  Wythenshaw Forum                     DIR:  Peter Fieldson

Klara                                           “STARS IN THE MORNING SKY"                                Show of Strength                          DIR:   Martin White

Angie                                           “FIRESTONE"                                                            Manchester Contact                       DIR:   Peter Fieldson

Solveig & the                               “PEER GYNT"                                                                  Actors Touring Company              DIR:  Mark Brickman

Green Clad Woman                                                                                                                              & John Retallack


Nora                                            “A DOLLS HOUSE"                                                          Actors Touring Company             DIR:  Mark Brickman

Viola                                            “TWELFTH NIGHT"                                                       Derby Playhouse Studio                DIR:   David Milne



HERS WAS THE EARTH  - The extraordinary life of Amelia Edwards - Novelist, Travel Writer, Egyptologist

ALL ABOARD - A TRITON AMONGST THE MINNOWS - Victorian diaries written on board Brunel’s masterpiece, the SS Great Britain

COUPLES? - Short stories and Poetry by Dorothy Parker

COURTSHIP - Scenes from the novels of Jane Austen

T.V. &  FILM:

Jaqui Sanford                           “CASUALTY"                                                       B.B.C.                                    DIR:  Andy Hay

Sister Agnes                      “THE COLOUR OF LIGHT"                      H.T.V.                                     DIR:  Annie Castledine


Mattea Cabot                      “WHO KILLED CABOT?"                               H.T.V.                                              DIR:   Mike Hall

2nd Artist                                      “LEON THE PIG FARMER"                         Leon The Pig Farmer P.L.C.         DIR:   Vadim Jean & Gary Sinyor

Deluvia                                   “THE GOLDEN CONCH"                          H.T.V.                                              DIR:  Kenneth Price


Jessie Broun                                 “THE MASTER OF  BALLENTRAE"           H.T.V. &  Columbia Pictures        DIR:  Douglas Hickox


Penny Banks                           “CROSSROADS"                                             Central T.V.                                     PROD:  Jack Barton


Anna-Maria Bright                     “A TRITON AMONGST THE MINNOWS"    Radio 4                                      PROD: Sara Davies

Anna                                  “THE HOUSE AT TINNERS TOR"                 Radio 4                                     PROD: Viv Beeby

Mrs Neale                                   “PRINCESS CARABOO"                                   Radio 4                           PROD: Sara Davies

Mrs Protheroe                              “A CHILD IN THE FOREST"                           Radio 4                                     PROD: Viv Beeby

Madame Schwellenberg              “DEAR LITTLE BURNEY"                              Radio 4                                     PROD: Sara Davies


Morning Story                              “THE PRIMROSE PLACE"                              Radio 4                                 PROD:  Viv Beeby


Morning Story                               “MONICA'S PROBLEM"                                 Radio 4                                  PROD: Kate Mcall


Christina Vecci                            “THE HOUSE AT SPOOK CORNER"           Radio 4                                          DIR: Alec Reid


Close to 100 unabridged titles recorded. Please click here for full list of titles.


Re-voicing of numerous foreign television series into English

Radio Commercials for British Gas, Slumberland Beds, Blisteze, Western Daily Press, Beazer Homes and others


2012                          London 2012 Paralympics (English Announcer for Judo and Boccia)

2008 - 2011               British Open Judo Championships- K2, Crawley. (Announcer)

2008                         Olympics & Paralympics - Beijing, China.  (English Announcer for Judo)

2007                         Good Luck Beijing Olympic test event - Beijing, China. (English Announcer for Judo)

2006                         Asian Games - Doha, Qatar. (English Announcer: Judo, Karate and Taekwondo)

2005, 2006, 2007    British Open Judo Championships- The Triangle, Burgess Hill. (Announcer)

2004                         Olympics - Ano Liossia Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece. (English Announcer for Judo)

2003                         British Open Judo Championships - Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London. (Announcer)

2002 - present day  Junior National Judo Championships - Crystal Palace National Sports Centre/Sheffield Ice.  (Announcer)

2002                        Commonwealth Games - GMEX Centre, Manchester. (Announcer for Judo)

1999                        Senior World Judo Championships - National Indoor Arena, Birmingham. (Announcing in English and French)


1999                        British Open Judo Championships - National Indoor Arena, Birmingham.   (Announcer)

1998                        Europa Club Cup preliminary round - Wandsworth Youth Centre, London. (Announcer and Commentator)

1998                        British Open Judo Championships - National Indoor Arena, Birmingham. (Announcer)

1995                        Senior European Judo Championships - National Indoor Arena, Birmingham. (live Commentator for Fighting Films production)